Zappos Price Match | Guidelines To An Effective Shopping

Zappos is one of the largest online shoes and clothing retailers provide various useful products for our daily use. But does Zappos provide the facility to price match?

I know this question seems to bother you and you are not getting an exact clue of how to approach this problem. So to ease this particular problem of yours, I dug up some information regarding Zappos Price Match Policy. Let’s read on to this article about price matching and price adjustment at Zappos.

Guidelines to Price Match at Zappos

zappos wbsite logoHere’s a simple guide on how you can easily use these policy reforms to get the desired amount difference on a product.

Zappos provides both the facilities of price match and price adjustment. One can simply price match an identical item of purchase from Zappos to another competitive firm.

Also, it does provide with price adjustment for products that went on sale after your purchase. And hence you can claim a refund of the difference in amount. There are some specific guidelines for the same too. Like to verify and authenticate an item of purchase. So let us check out the various procedures or steps you need to follow to achieve the same.

Factors of Price Match

Zappos basically captures the idea of price matching with its competitor firms in order to satisfy its customers, that’s you. A few rules to keep in mind while claiming for a price match are:

  1. It only matches the prices of identical items for competitor firms online or e-store prices.
  2. Also, price matching takes place for items available at
  3. Zappos only match its prices with a competitor’s online price index.
  4. Stock availability acts as an important factor in the case of the price match.

Price Matching

zappos price match

In case of price matching at Zappos, the product of the e-retailer counts in for the process of the same. That is, the price matching will be done for products available at a lower price on other retailers or competitive online platforms.

No store retailers include in process of a price match with Zappos. Only online competitor firms stand eligible for the same. To know more about the list of e-retailers or to apply for the same you can contact them via their official website here. Or contact to Zappos customer care services at 1-800-927-7671.

Price Adjustment at Zappos

Price Adjustment usually deals with cases of price matching done for products that are on sale online. But you already purchase it from its online or e-stores, then in such events, you can easily claim for the amount difference available.

In case of a purchase made from Zappos, if the price of that product falls within a time period of around 10 days from your purchase. Then you can easily apply for the claim of the refund of the difference amount available.

You can carry out this procedure by simply contacting the Zappos customer care service or Loyalty team at 1-833-927-7898 by chat. Or you can call on the above-mentioned contact detail too for the same.

Factors of Price Adjustment

The item, available at a comparatively lower price than the one that you paid for results in a matter of price adjustment. You can easily make use of their price adjustment policy to claim for the refund of the difference mentioned.

A few threads of information to keep in mind and you can claim your price difference.

  1. Check, if your product for claim satisfies the identicalness of the product in case of its brand and model info.
  2. The item will only consider matching if it’s bought from Zappos official webpage.
  3. Review for the availability in the stock of the particular product of purchase that you intend to price match.
  4. The time frame to apply for the same holds for up to 10-14 days max from the date of your purchase.


Zappos price match and price adjustment policy have some exceptions that you need to take care of.

zappos Exceptions

  1. Items offered via auction sites like Amazon etc. do not stand eligible for the price match process with Zappos.
  2. Products with sale prices, discount prices or special offers too do not qualify for the same.
  3. Also, items with low stock availability might opt out of the price match criteria.
  4. Articles bought during public holidays like Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday days too won’t include for the same.
  5. Some selected items do not fit eligible for the redeem or price difference procedure. To see the list of categories of those items that stand ineligible, check on the official website of Zappos mentioned earlier.
  6. Hence the items sold by the excluded merchandise too won’t stand any ground for the process of price match or price adjustment. You can find the excluded merchandise list too on the Zappos website.


Zappos customer service number?

Zappos customer care services at 1-800-927-7671.

Zappos offer price match and price adjustment?

Zappos provides both the facilities of price match and price adjustment.

Final Words

Zappos price match and price adjustment policy aim at helping and satisfying you with their productive and available services. Zappos is a huge platform that provides the best quality and offers on various brands of shoes and clothing. And so to satisfy you, they also avail you with the opportunity to price match and price adjustment so as to maintain customer satisfaction.

Now, after knowing how exactly this price match policy of Zappos works. I am pretty sure that you can use it to benefit yourself in saving your pockets from flowing out. I hope that you can easily claim for the refund of the difference of the item you think falls under the above-mentioned factors. I also expect that this article worked out as helpful to you.

For further such encounters, you can now be prepared to claim for what is rightfully yours. If still something related to this topic of price match and adjustment at Zappos bothers you, then you can paste it down in the comments section available below. I’ll try my level best to find the appropriate solution for your queries as soon as possible.

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