Trend Micro Returns and Refunds

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Trend Micro, a well-known IT company, headed by Eva Chen, provides a wide range of security software products for consumers and businesses alike. Some of their products include internet security software, antivirus software, mobile protection applications, and cloud environment and server solutions for business.

In line with being a leading security software company in operation for over 10 years, Trend Micro provides its customers with a reasonable amount of support. Some of this support specifically covers refunds for products and software bundles.

Refunds are processed within six weeks and will cover the full cost of the product (shipping and handling fees are additional). The company’s 30-day-money-back guarantee program is an excellent way to promote products and really show how much Trend Micro stands behind theirs. Every consumer is given a 30-day window to test out products and then the opportunity to, within that timeframe, return the item for any reason they may have.

This applies to online purchases and in-store purchases.

Specifically with retail store purchases, Trend Micro allows consumers to return in-store purchased items through an online verification and submission program. Simply by logging onto Trend Micro’s customer service website consumers can submit a refund request for products they are not satisfied with. This is an unusual opportunity granted by the home office for returns that retail locations are unwilling to process.

For instance, if a customer purchases a Trend Micro Titanium product from a local retail store and then decides to return it within 30 days, but the retailer does not want to accept the return, the individual can receive a full refund for the item via the company’s website. The purchaser would have to submit a scanned copy of their receipt along with their mailing address, email address and the reason why they would like a refund to receive this service-and all of this is done easily through the email support page found on the site.

A refund check will then be mailed to the customer to cover the cost of the product in six weeks or less. And though the company’s website does not clearly indicate the address to send the returned item to, this concern will likely be addressed once contact is made via the submission form. Trend Micro promises that a representative will respond to all request via email to consumers within 2 days, for any type of support related issues.

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