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You clicked on the correct page if you looking for Toys R Us Price Match Policy. Here detailed information about price match and price adjustment of Toys R Us is given.

Read further to know each and every detail of how you can price match your product and save money on shopping.

Price Match Model of Toys R Us

According to this simple guide on price match of a product purchased from Toys R Us. One can easily benefit themselves by saving more on shopping.

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Toys R Us is one of the largest baby products like toys and clothing, etc. retailer companies running from a lot back in time. Its main section of retail is baby products.

Sometimes situations arise where you get to compare prices available for an identical item at different retailer platforms. Such cases result in the process of price matching.

Price match usually deals with the comparison of prices of an identical item amongst two competing retailers. Hence, Toys R Us also provides you with the same facility to price match for such particular products.

Let us dive in to see more about the Toys R Us price match in detail.

Criteria of Price Match Guarantee at Toys R Us

There are a few points of info that you need to look through so as to claim the process of price match for a particular item at Toys R Us.

In the case of store competitors

There are situations when you discover that the item you ought to buy at Toys R Us, just got a different price at its competitor store. In such cases, it provides with the opportunity to price match with that particular competitor’s in-store price.

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  1. Item must be identical in all senses, i.e. shape, color, model info, etc.
  2. The copy or original proof of the lower price advertisement at a retailer’s shop is mandatory to present.
  3. Verification of the lower price claim takes place.
  4. In the case of online advertisement, present with the gadget to display the ad of item. For example, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  5. Stock availability acts as an important factor in the process of claiming the price match.
  6. If the purchase already made, then in such cases a time frame of about 14 days at max from the purchase date applies.
  7. It’s mandatory to present the original payment receipt of the purchased item at the assigned stores of Toys R Us.

Note: In-store purchase of an item require necessary proof of that particular item. Hence, to apply for the price match of that product you need to visit your nearby store of Toys R Us.  

In the case of online competitors

Whereas there are various other events in which Toys R Us provides with the facility to price match with online competitor stores.

toys r us price match policy

  1. Here also the item of purchase must stand identical in all its virtue, i.e. shape, color, model number, etc.
  2. The item sold via a Canadian online retailer can only check in for the process of the price match.
  3. Proof of the online advertisement available on that particular competitor store’s online portal needs verification.
  4. Most of all the availability of stock of that particular item of purchase must prevail or else the process won’t go any further.
  5. In case you already bought an item and now want to claim for the price match, necessary steps need attention.
  6. The time frame for applying for the claim stand for 7 days from the date of purchase.
  7. Refund of the difference will take place in the same manner as that of the original payment method.
  8. The bill or receipt of payment mandates for the authentication and verification of the item of purchase.


In all this process of price matching of a particular product, there stands a few exceptions or exclusions that you need to focus. Keep this information in mind while comparing them with your item of purchase.

toys r us price match exclusions

Items with special offers or discount do not count under the process of price matching. Also, products available on sale too stand for the same. Products available on days like Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday do not offer with this facility to price match a product at Toys R Us.

Again items on rain checks, clearance, or with pricing faults or advertising inaccuracies too do not stand eligible for a price match at Toys R Us.

Shipping charges or delivery charges do not count for a refund while the method of price match takes place for a particular product. Also, Third-party inclusions for the process of price match attain prohibited. Toys R Us follows the norm of one item one price match per customer.

Gift Cards

In some cases, gift cards or vouchers also stand an exception in the process of price matching. Toys R Us does not redeem or refund the item purchased using a gift card or voucher points.


Do Toys R Us offer price match?

Yes, Toys R Us offer price match to their customers.

Do they offer price match on gift cards or vouchers?

In some cases, gift cards or vouchers also stand an exception in the process of price matching.

End Credits

Toys R Us has been bringing smiles to many children for the past years. It satisfied its customer by providing them with quality products and necessary services.

One such service includes that of the price match. Many got their claim of price match at Toys R Us. Also, all the above norms satisfy to its sister concern firm that is Babies R Us.

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