Target Price Match Policy’s Complete Guide To Better Shopping

Not able to decide whether your product is eligible for Price Match or not? No worries you have clicked the right link. We have explained this Target Price Match policy to you so that you can have a partial refund.

A lot of people have been searching for answers related to price match at Target. So to ease your difficulty here’s the required info that you were searching for. I dug up a few searches and found the solutions that you seek to know and understand.

Without further ado let us dive right into the specifics of what and how does price match at Target work.

About Price Match Policy

Target is a pacesetter in saving shoppers money with its policy of Price matching of its local and online competitors. They also price match the product all year long unlike the retailers that stop this once the Christmas holiday season is over.

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Target Price Match Policy provides you 14 days within your purchase to price match. If you find the identical product at a local competitor or one of the online stores with which Target will Price Match.

Also, if you find the product for less in Target’s or a competitor’s weekly ad. You can still request for Price Match and Target Price Match Guarantee will ensure to provide you a partial refund.

There are cases when you find that the item you bought from Target, is sold at a comparatively lower price at its competitor stores.

Then that’s when Target offers you the opportunity to price match for that identical product. In order to attain the same, just keep this information in handy.

  1. The list of retail stores eligible for this purpose is generally local stores to Target.
  2. View the list of Target’s online competitors here.
  3. It includes major retailers such as,, and many others.
  4. Check for the list of retailers that stand eligible in price matching at Target for that particular item of purchase.
  5. Target online prices also stand for matching with in-store prices and vice versa.
  6. Also, stock availability acts as a key factor in the process of price matching.
  7. The policy of one item one price match per customer holds for Target price match system.


After going through all the information about the Target Price Match Policy and Target Price Adjustment Policy. Learn about the products and the conditions in which your product is not valid for Price Match or Adjustment.

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  1. Products mentioned clearance, all sales are final are not eligible.
  2. Stores of Target will not Price Match the other Target store.
  3. You cannot combine coupons and Cartwheel offers.
  4. The product sold by Target Partner or third-party on is not eligible for a Price Match.
  5. Price Match and Price adjustment will not be done during Thanksgiving week.
  6. Non-SuperTargets will not match per-pound items.

Process Of Price Matching

A price match usually takes place for a particular product when you discover a relatively cheaper price for that item. This price difference comparison done between two different competitive retailers results in the process of the price match.

Target Price match policy

Target makes all the effort of working properly, in some cases, it might happen that the product may be described inaccurately, mispriced, or not available. For this reason, Target does not take guarantee the accuracy of the information on

Also, the price, product image, availability, services, and specifications may be inaccurate on Target holds all the rights to change or update any information without prior notice. In such a case of error or inaccuracy, you can contact Target Customer Services at 1-800-591-3869 to solve your issue.


Target Price Match Policy provides a price match almost to every product of its. Still, there are some conditions in which you purchased the product and that product will not be eligible for price match. Here is the list of those conditions.

Target price match exclusions

  1. The products which are purchased at Price Cut, Everyday Low Price products and Temporary Price Cut are not included in a Weekly Ad.
  2. Products that state “No Rain Checks”
  3. Price Match is not eligible for Rain checks or substitutions for contract cell phones.
  4. Music, Software, and Movie
  5. does not offer Rainchecks
  6. Price match on the “Cyber Monday”, “Black Friday” and “Thanksgiving Day”.
  7. Identical items available on special hour clearance or sale at competitor’s store or website do not count for the process of the price match.
  8. Also, items with low stock availability might opt out of the price match criteria.
  9. Items bought inclusive of special offers, discounts, coupons, etc. will likewise won’t hold for price matching.
  10. Pricing errors made by the competitors also do not count for that particular item’s price match.

Price Match Guarantee at Target

Target also provides the facility of price adjustment for the products purchased from its official websites. A few threads of information to keep in mind and you can claim your price difference.

target price match policy

  1. Check, if your product for claim satisfies the identicalness of the product in case it is brand and model info.
  2. The item will only consider matching if it’s bought from Target’s official webpage or from a Target store.
  3. Products from Target’s official outlet do stand in the conditions of a price match with its online web store and vice versa.
  4. Review for the availability in the stock of the particular product of purchase that you intend to price match.
  5. The time frame to apply for the same holds for up to 14 days max from the date of your purchase.


Does Target provide price match?

Target Price Match Policy provides you 14 days within your purchase to price match.

Does Target provide price adjustment?

Target provides the facility of price adjustment for the products purchased from its official websites.

End Credits

Target Price Match Guarantee wants to ensure that every one of its customers is happy shopping with Target at a lower price. It aims at helping and satisfying you with their productive and available services. At the end of the day, we all know that money is what matters the most. And we try our best to save as much as we can.

So when you are given an opportunity for the same, then why don’t you grab it. Now, after knowing how exactly this price match policy of Target works. I am pretty sure that you can use it to benefit yourself in saving your pockets from flowing out.

I hope that you can easily claim for the refund of the difference of the item you think falls under the above-mentioned factors. I also expect that this article worked out as helpful to you. For further such encounters, you can now be prepared to claim for what is rightfully yours.

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