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Looking for the information about Staples Price Match Policy? Here you are. Gathered details about Staples Price Match and Adjustment is in this article. Scroll down to know more about Staples Price Match Guarantee Policy and save more on your shopping.

Detailed Staples Price Match Guarantee

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Staples Price Match Policy is very simple. You can get a refund if you bring the proof within 14 days of purchase at the store if you find the same product at a lower price.

Visit Staples Store or e-mail on if you find the difference in the price of the new identical product. You will get the difference as a refund. There are three simple steps to follow:

  1. Find the lower price for the product.
  2. Give proof of the price difference.
  3. Provide it to Staples Customer Service Associate to complete the process.

Criteria For Price Matching

There are some rules for Price Matching any product. You can go through them and if all the criteria are fulfilled you are ready to price match any product.

Staples Price Match Guarantee

  • Staples price match Policy states that almost every item will be price matched.
  • But the product must be in that criteria that are the product must be identical, Model number is the same, components are the same and must have the U.S. warranty.
  • Staples retail stores will price match your product sold online or In-stores by It’s marketplace sellers are excluded from this policy.
  • Also, the product sold by any retailer who sells the items In-store and also Online, under the SAME BRAND.
  • The product will be refunded only if it is left in stock and available at that price from the seller that must be the U.S. authorized.
  • For the product with a service plan and wireless phones, the PLAN, the PROVIDER, and other conditions must be the same.
  • At the time of calculating the price match, the Staples coupon applied to that product will be deducted. Staples Coupon
  • Also Staples rebates, manufacturer rebates will be deducted from a net price.
  •  Dollars-off coupons will also be deducted from the prices of products in your order.
  • The prorated discount from all the Dollars-off coupons used during the purchase will also be calculated during Price Match.
  • These coupons sometimes also mean that your purchase is not valid for a price match.
  • Lastly, if these coupons or rebates after deduction does not meet the price of the product that you want to Price Match then no refunds are offered.

Some Other Points To Know

After getting aware of the Staples price match Guarantee Policy there are some more points to keep in mind before price matching your product. Move down and know more.

  1. If you want a Price Match for the product for which the competitor is providing rebates or gifts or similar discounts then no Price Matching will be done on that product.
  2. A competitor if offers a product that you get with a free or discounted item, where Staples does not carry any such offer. Price Match Image
  3. In that case, the price matching will be done for the price you pay during the purchase and the free or discounted item will not be taken from your account.
  4. Let’s talk about the delivery charges, that fully depends on whether the competitor’s order offers free shipping.
  5. If the competitor provides free shipping for that order then in that case price match will be carried out without considering shipping charges.
  6. In case the competitor does not provide free shipping, at that time calculation for shipping charges will be made before calculating the price match.
  7. does not offer any price match policy. policies are different from those In-store.

After matching the competitor’s price the identical bonus for the product will be provided where possible. Also if a free gift is offered by the competitor with the product Staples have, then Staples will provide the same valued gift card.

The above all the information on the Staples Price match was In-store policy. Know about price match policy.

Online Purchased Products

If you buy anything from then you can contact the Customer Service Executive within 14 days that you found that similar product at a lower price on

You will get your refund except for the criteria in exceptions. Call, email or chat to request the discount.

For the online and delivered product purchases, the competitor should have the product in stock on its web site and also next-day shipping and handling fees will be added to the competitor’s price to make a fair comparison for the price matching.

If no shipping and handling charges found for that product then a flat fee of  $4.99 will be supplemented to the competitor’s price.

After reading all the possible ways of the price matching now move to some exceptions that Staples has stated.


Staples Price Match Guarantee provides a refund for almost everything they sell. But there are some points that are exceptions you must be aware of Staples Price Match. Here how it is:

  • The price match is not applicable for the products purchased on specials events such as Clearance, Timed Sales or liquidation sales, Grand Opening, “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, Door crashers or anniversary.
  • Price Matching with the other companies or even at Staples Stores is not applicable on the above points if you purchase the product on those days no refund is offered.
  • Some products are not included in Staples Price Match Policy and those are: Exceptions
  • EasyTech services
  • Printing and Marketing services
  • Third-Party vendors produced products
  • Custom Product i.e. specially made for you
  • Promotional products or printed products on your request
  • Postage or Items sold on auction sites
  • Gifts card and Phone cards.
  • Store Pickup Orders
  • Apps sold on
  • Taxes, warranties, Merchandise Credit
  • Contracted Prices to Staples Membership holding customer
  • typographical Errors

The above listed are conditions where Price Match does not take place at Staples. And you will not be eligible to get any refund.


Staples Price Match Guarantee has set a limit of Price Match. The limit is that You can Price Match ONE PRODUCT ONLY ONCE. Each of you gets only one chance to Price match one product.

Process for Price Match

After learning about all the possible points of the price matching. Take a brief note on the process of Price matching.

  • Once you find the product at the lower than you purchased.
  • Gather the proof of the price difference for the product you want the price match.
  • Price Match is only available on the products you purchase from the store.
  • Contact the Customer service associate at any local Staples store to complete the process of the Price Matching.
  • Remember that Staples has the right to change the policy without prior notice.

Staples Price Adjustment

Staples Price Adjustment Policy is applicable for the products you purchase from Staples and the price of that similar product drops down within 14 days of your purchase. Price adjustments are not the same as returning the product. When you return a product that must be unused and unopened in some cases.

Price Adjustments

But Price adjustment is as well available on the product that is open and used. The only drawback is that the company offering price adjustments will not notify you when prices drop about this money-saving policy.

So now it is your responsibility to stay more cautious to receive any potential money back.

The following is the Staples Price Adjustment Policy points. So that you can match your criteria easily and get a refund.

  • Price adjustment, sometimes also called price protection, states policy that allows customers to claim for a partial refund. Only when the price of the purchased product reduces in a given time frame.
  • In the case of Staples 14 days is the time frame to claim for the Staple Price Adjustment.
  • You will have to inform Staples Customer associate within 14 days of purchase date about the reduction in the price for a similar product as yours at store or
  • You will get your refund.


Staples price match guarantee?

Staples Price Match Policy is very simple. You can get a refund if you bring the proof within 14 days of purchase at the store if you find the same product at a lower price.

Staples price adjustment policy?

Staples Price Adjustment Policy is applicable for the products you purchase from Staples and the price of that similar product drops down within 14 days of your purchase.

Let’s Sum It Up

In the above article, we have tried giving you information about Staples Price Match Policy & Staples Price Adjustment Policy. We hope now you are clear with the information and save more on your shopping every time you find any difference in price. You get 14 days to price match your product.

If you have any doubts regarding more companies Price Match & Adjustment Policy, you can stay on this site to learn more. For any suggestions or doubts, you can write to us in the comment section provided below. Also, you can share your experience with us about Staples.

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