Sears Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Sears below. We encourage you to leave a
comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Sears so others can benefit from what
you learned.

Sears makes every effort to make customers happy when it comes to a return or an exchange of an item. The store prefers that items are in the original package and with the original receipt, but it will try to satisfy the requests of customers. There are three different time frames that items can be returned. These are 90, 60 and 30 days. Most items fall into the 90 day return category. Appliances, home and garden, and most of the floor care products are within 60 days. Electronics and computers should be returned in 30 days. If there is any damage to the product, the customer needs to make the store aware of this. Some items require a 15% restocking fee. Certain items can only be exchanged instead of refunded, and these include electronics. If a receipt is not with the item, a refund will not be given, but an exchange could be made.

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