REI Price Match And Price Adjustment Key Information

Want to save some money and start buying smart? Want to know whether your favorite REI stores are providing price match and price adjustment or not? All these questions are interrelated. How? Well to understand that you will need to read ahead.

This article is a detailed study on the REI Price Match policy and also the price adjustment policy. We will help you understand what exactly those terms mean and how to use it.

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Understanding the REI Price Match Policy

Price matching is a great way to save money on purchases from various different stores as you’re eligible to receive the product on the lower price if you see it for a lower price elsewhere.

No price match at REI

Unfortunately, the REI price match policy doesn’t exist in its policy. They do not provide this facility to their customers. Although, they already try to keep up with the industry and provide quality products at less price.

You can still gather other information on the REI price policy, which is their price adjustment policy. Yes REI does have the price adjustment policy. The official website clearly states it. Read this article ahead to know exactly what facility they provide and how to make use of it.

What is the REI Price Adjustment Policy?

REI Price Match policy might not exist but they do have a price adjustment policy. Let us start to understand what actually is price adjustment? Price adjustment is a basic yet very useful feature of REI. This states that if you buy anything from REI and later you find the same product with a less price tag. You could take that as proof to the REI store. They will instantly provide you with a partial refund.What is price adjustment?

This doesn’t mean they will exchange your product or anything. They will simply refund you the amount. That amount would be the difference between your paid price and the current price of that product.

This being said, there are certain restrictions that come with their policy. There is a time limit of 14 days. Within 14 days of your purchase, you should request for the price adjustment, after that they won’t accept your request. The purchased products could be from either of REI shop. It could be from their retail store or online.

However, REI is a bit tricky in that they offer the price adjustment policy under certain conditions. There are some exclusions and there are certain boundaries under which REI works out this price match policy.

What Exceptions REI Price Adjustment Policy have?

This section will explain what all items are excluded in REI’s Price Adjustment policy. It will make you clear about the dimensions of products that will be accepted by REI for price adjustment.

  • REI will have a list of competitors that are directly involved with their industry or are present within a specific dimension.
  • Your product should from that list of companies. The company should be legal and listed in the industry.
  • The REI price adjustment policy does not include the products purchased from the REI outlet.

You need to take care of these exceptions when you go to REI for a price adjustment. You wouldn’t want yourself to be blindsided.

What is the Process of Price Adjustment at REI?

Now, as we have an understanding of what price adjustment means. Keeping that in mind, read this section. The process here means you should take care of the following list while you go for a price adjustment at REI.

  • The foremost important thing is you can’t just go and say you saw their competitors selling the products at a lower price. You will have to submit a prove.
  • Price adjustment at REIREI will only accept the price adjustment request if the product matches the number, size, and color of your purchased product.
  • If your price adjustment claim is valid, you will get the price difference as a refund.

REI will have all the rights to check your claims about price adjustments. The checking process will determine whether they will accept or reject your request. They will provide you an explanation.


Do REI have membership system?

Yes, they have the membership system and it is worth it as it provides you with various benefits.

Does REI have a employee discount?

Yes, they do have employee discount. They get around a 50% discount on apparel and gears.


We had a look at the REI price match, which we came to the conclusion that REI has no such policy on the price match as such. They do have the policy on the price adjustment. We hope the way we guided this article was helpful to all our readers.

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