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Petco Price Match Guarantee provides you with the best offers you can benefit and avail for. Searching for its price match policy details? Then you’re in the right space to know more about how you can use it for your own benefit.

So, let us find out how one can use this price match policy to benefit themselves by saving more money.

Guide to Price Match At Petco

Usually, when you buy an item you seem satisfied with what you got. But sometimes when you come across situations where you feel like you got unfair pricing, you don’t seem to act for it.

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For such situations, price match policy exists. And so in case of Petco, this article will help in making you aware of the same.

This situation generally arises when you find out that another competitor of Petco, sells the same product but for a different price.

Petco does provide with the facility to price match with its adjacent competitor’s. In order to strengthen and maintain their customer base. And so as to satisfy you with their services.

So without further ado let us flow into the details of Petco price match policy.

Measures to Follow for Price Match

There exist a few steps of information that you need to grip on to so as to successfully complete the process of the price match.

  1. Provide with the item details in order to verify and confirm the identicalness of the product.
  2. Find for the lower price providing competitor’s store and check if it applies for the same product or not.Price match policy
  3. See if the availability of stock remains for the desired product of purchase. As it plays an important factor in the process of price matching of a product at Petco.
  4. Only, the competitor’s in store prices matter in order to match for the price difference of an item.
  5. Only a few chosen online retail websites will count in for the process of price match by Petco.
  6. Click here to check for which online retail stores include in the same.

In order to claim for the process of price match of a product at Petco, you can either directly contact them at (877) 738-6742 or check on to their official website mentioned earlier.

Price Adjustment At Petco

Only the online official store of Petco provides with this facility to price adjust.

Price adjustment usually includes the process to price match with the same retail store and not any competitors. In this case, the prices available at Petco’s official website holds for the price match with its in-store prices.

Even the sale prices available at the official stores count in for matching with the items at and vice versa. You can locate various stores of Petco that provide with the facility to price match by clicking here.


But there stand a few exceptions that you need to hold in mind in order to claim for the price match of that particular product.

price match policy exclusions

  1. Pricing errors by the competitors due to price matching does not count for the process of the same.
  2. Petco holds the authority to change or correct price errors or exceptions.
  3. It holds even if you already made the payment for that product.
  4. No prior notices regarding such events seem to occur.
  5. Third-party influence in the process of price matching is prohibited.

Special Exclusions

Petco does not provide with a rain check in case of stock unavailability for a particular product of purchase. It appreciates the policy of one product one price match per customer. Items won’t count in the process of matching for selected online web store retailers.

Pet services provided by other competitor’s do not include in price match of the services provided by Petco. Some such service exclusions are grooming, dog training, pet photography, etc.

According to the Standards of Excellence at Petco, live animals do not include in this procedure of price matching. This is because all animals are unique and individual. Hence they do not fit in the process of the same.

Gift Cards or Voucherspetco gift card

Special discount coupons, vouchers or gift card refunds do not apply on all items purchased from Petco. Price matching does not take place in case of a purchase made by gift card returns or purchase of another gift card itself. To know more about the terms and conditions of gift cards by Petco in depth, click here.


Pets are said to be the best friend a person can have. All you have to do is take care of them and provide them with all the required facilities. And so Petco presents with one of the best quality pet care products. Ranging from food supplements to beds and mattresses for dogs. All this you can buy easily at Petco.

petco price match conclusion

But sometimes you think if the pricing is fair enough for the product you purchased. So to ease your thoughts Petco provides you with the facility to price match for the product of purchase.

Hence, I think that this article may work out to be helpful to you in your future causes. So, from now on, whenever you see the opportunity to save more on shopping just check for the facility to price match for that particular product.

Still, have queries related to Petco price match policy? Or If in case I missed some details and you intend to know more. Just put your thoughts right into the comments section provided below. I will try my level best to find the solution to all of your queries and doubts. Thanking you for your serene reading.

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