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Learn how to get benefited with Nike price match or adjustment whenever there is a price drop on any Nike orders after you have ordered it and want the partial refund on the particular product in an easy way by reading further and save a good amount by using this money-saving policy offered by the company.

Nike LogoNike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation. Nike is engaged in designing and development of footwear, apparel, accessories, and sports equipment. It is the worlds largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and has a yearly revenue of US$ 36.39 billion (2018).

What Exactly the term Price adjustment or Price protection means?

It implies the retail sales policy by which the customer gets a partial refund if there is a price drop on the specific product within a fixed period.

For example, You bought a product worth 5000INR and the price of the particular item drops to 4500INR. Then the customer could use the Price adjustment policy within the fixed time as set by the company and could claim a refund of 500INR. This refund can be received through whatever means of payment is referred by the customer.

Nike Price Match and Protection?

price protection

Nike suggests a unique and different price for each style. But retailers change the suggested price for competitive business. You can get Nike price match adjustments on all the orders within 14 days from your ordered product if there is any price drop on the particular product.

How to know whether there is a price drop ??Price Drop

Retailers don’t inform their customers about the price drop, as it could be a loss for their business and could lower their reputation. So by following, steps below you can know whether your product has marked down its prices on a regular scale. And claim for Nike price match or adjustment policy.

  • Keep tracking your purchase.
  • By visiting different retail stores to compare your purchase.
  • Enquiring at the retail store you purchased.
  • Watching ads of your purchased item.
  • Surf Through Online Shopping websites for comparison.

You could also contact the customer help by clicking here.

Nike customer service: 1-800-806-6453

Also, you could register at moolah for getting your refunds directly in your account or at your doorstep by just registering your email and Nike price match or adjustment would be done by them.

Eligibility of a Nike product for price adjustments:

  • The product must match the shape, color, size, and model.
  • You must have a certificate of the originality of Purchase.
  • Your purchase should be authorized from
  • Nike grants the limit of 14 days for the price adjustment policy.

Note: It does not bother if the product is been used by you before the Nike price matching/protection policy period. The customer can claim even he has trialed the purchase. And later got to know about the price drop by using this policy.


Does Nike do price match?

As per the information available, they do not offer a price match.

Do Nike offer price adjustment?

You can get Nike price match adjustments on all the orders.

In how much time I can go for price adjustment?

Nike grants the limit of 14 days for the price adjustment policy.


As we have covered the Nike price match policy or Nike price adjustment policy on our page thoroughly. So it seems that by this you might have cleared your doubts, related to the Nike price adjustment policy by our page. But for more queries related to refund and return policies of the Nike products you could go for the customer help on Nike, also you can refer our website for other pricing policies. We promise to notify you about the price matching and price adjustment policies of other companies Walmart, Zappos, Dell, etc.

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