Lord & Taylor Price Match | How To Shop Effectively By Doing Price Match

Do Lord & Taylor provide the facility to price match? And if yes how can I use this Lord & Taylor price match for monetary benefits. I know this question seems to bother you and you are not getting an exact clue of how to approach this problem.

No worries as this article will ease your dilemma and explain to you how you can make use of it. So without further ado, let us find out exactly what this Lord & Taylor price match policy provides with.

Price Match At Lord & Taylor

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Asking people and others do the Lord & Taylor price match? Well, here is your answer. Yes, Now your favorite store Lord & Taylor do price match. They have not mentioned any specific days within they will price match. In that case, you should go as soon as possible.

Lord & Taylor is one of the oldest department stores in the United States. Fortunately, as of today, Lord & Taylor do provide with this facility to price match. You can get more knowledge about the price match of this company in this article.

Lord & Taylor already provides the best deals and offers it can, so as to meet your expectations while shopping. But still, it tries to match their already low prices with their competitor prices. Hence it does match advertisements from competitors.


Lord & Taylor Already prove their customers, that they value them. The company provides a price match to many of their products. Still, they are some exclusions to be noted by the customers.

Excluded Products

  • Lord & Taylor will not match the price to those products which were bought on discounts or offers.
  • If you use saving pass or award card to buy a product, later the company will not take it as an eligible product to price match.
  • Products sold by a third party seller on amazon are not eligible for a price match at Lord & Taylor.
  • The company will not provide a price match on products that come under “fine jewelry.” The prices of fine jewelry vary on material and stone quality.

Note: Lord & Taylor have all the rights to check the product the customer brings for a price match.

Price Match Process at Lord & Taylor

There’s a bit of a tiny process that you got to follow in order to achieve the desired price match.

  1. Provide with the proof of price difference available at a competitor retail store.
  2. You can claim for the price matching if the features of your item, i.e. size and color match with the competitor’s product.Lord & Taylor Price Match
  3. The price match will take place only for Lord & Taylor’s nationally based competitors.
  4. Also, the retailer you desire to price match Lord & Taylor’s product must be a part of the list of competitive retailers.
  5. Stock availability acts as an essential factor in the case of the price match.

Lord & Taylor have complete rights to verify the information you provided regarding the item of the price match. The process of authenticating your request for a price match takes place following this procedure.

You can fulfill all these steps by either reaching out to an in-store associate or can directly call on the customer care services at 1-800-223-7440. You can also visit their contact us page.

Note: If ever you see an advertisement from Lord & Taylor which suggests a price for your identical product lesser than you purchased it in, then you can contact the store and receive a same-day price match. This only on the products they have in-stock. The company will greet off the customers who come for a price match with a rose and a thank you note for their loyalty.

Price Adjustment at Lord & Taylor

After knowing all you could about the price match process at Lord & Taylor. Now, let us move to our next topic in hand i.e. price adjustment.

This term is a little different than the price match. How? well in price adjustment, the price difference between your purchased product and the product you prove to be the same as yours but less in price. This difference in price will be refunded to you mostly in the form of cash.

To answer your question, yes Lord & Taylor will provide a price adjustment. You need to request for a price adjustment. There are some conditions under which the company will provide you with a price adjustment or it won’t. Have a look at the conditions.Price Adjustment at Lord and Taylor

  • Your product will be eligible only if the merchandise you buy is not a discounted price.
  • You need to request for a price adjustment on your product within 7 days from the original date of your purchase.
  • If a product you buy is reduced in price for temporary bases, then that product won’t be price adjusted by Lord & Taylor.

This will help you get an idea about what all products you can go with, to Lords & Taylor for a price adjustment. It will only save some time.


Does Lord & Taylor Price Match?

Yes, Lord & Taylor provide price match policy to their customers.

Does Lord & Taylor Price Adjustment?

Yes, Lord & Taylor provide price adjustment policies to their customers.

In how much time I have to go for price adjustment?

Within 7 days you can go for the price adjustment policy.

Final Words

Lord & Taylor’s price match policy aim at helping and satisfying you with their productive and available services. Now, after knowing for how exactly this price match policy of Lord & Taylor works. I am pretty sure that you can use it to benefit yourself in saving your pockets from flowing out.

I hope that you can easily claim for the refund of the difference of the item you think falls under the above-mentioned factors. I also expect that this article worked out as helpful to you.

For further such encounters, you can now be prepared to claim for what is rightfully yours. If still something related to this topic of price match at Lord and Taylor bothers you, then you can paste it down in the comments section available below. I’ll try my level best to find the appropriate solution for your queries as soon as possible.

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