Lenovo Price Match | Learn How To Price Match And Its Benefits

Lenovo unbelievably offers products that are priced on an average basis. Lenovo Price Match policy also offers benefits and offers for customers to avail. If you are looking for the Lenovo Price Match, this article surely has the information you have been searching for yet.

So keep reading this article further to know the Lenovo Price Match policy and adjustment.

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With the help of Lenovo Price Match policy, you can save money on your product. Lenovo provides a Price Match function before you purchase their product. What the Lenovo Price Protection does is that it compares the products of different brands with its products to provide the users with the best at the best possible price.

Lenovo provides laptops and other products for gaming, work, and home purposes. Now, there are a number of factors that play a key role during the process of the price match. The price of a product will be based on a number of factors, for example, operating system, memory, graphics, etc.

Lenovo Price Match Criterion

When you purchase a product from Lenovo, you can compare it with Lenovo’s competitors. Since most of the sales take place on an online base, a national online retailer compares the product you are purchasing with its competitors to give you a fair deal.

The following are a few points to consider in case you want to know which product is financially feasible. Before you match the price of your product with other competitors make sure of the points below:

  1. Any Price Match policy will be restricted to only one unit product purchase only.
  2. The specifications of the product you are comparing must be the same.
  3. Different countries are subject to different pricing policies.
  4. The product specification must match.

More about Lenovo Pricing Policy

When you are considering to purchase a PC of Lenovo, you will obviously look at various websites and find which one provides the best deals at the same given price. Now say you have come across a website or a retailer who is providing you with a Lenovo PC at a lower price than it is priced on the official website or store. In such a situation you can contact the customer care or approach a nearby store with your query.

Though Lenovo does not guarantee a price match and determination for its product it can very rarely be accepted. You can know more about the Lenovo Price Match here.

Lenovo Price Guarantee

Like any other Electronic manufacturer, Lenovo also claims to provide the best pricing policy. The price match is based on pre-purchase and post-purchase. Lenovo also has a 30-day return policy, which ensures a return and refund on its hardware product in an event of damaged product or wrong product delivery.

If you have any other price-related issues to return your product it will be subject to certain deductions. Hence, price match is likely to take place before the purchase and price guarantee is when you may be refunded in an unlikely event of low prices elsewhere.

Exceptions and Restrictions

Lenovo price match and price guarantee policy will be applicable only in certain situations that are worth the pricing formulation. The following are some exceptions to this price criterion. You can also check the pricing policy of Dell here.

  • Products you have purchased during a sale or used a coupon.
  • Purchased from a “third party”.
  • Bought second-hand products or resale items.
  • No matching in the case of gift vouchers.
  • If you are a member of the Lenovo Purchase Program.

How The Price Match works

The returns and refund policy of Lenovo is only applicable if you return within 30 days of online purchase. The refund is guaranteed only if the product is in good condition along with the invoice. If they delivered a wrong or defective product. In such cases, you will get a full refund. But if you want an exchange, your desired product must be in stock.

There will be a fee of 15% charged if you have any other reason. This is for the shipping and restocking charges. Please note gift cards are not exchanged or refunded or even returned.

You can contact the technical support team at 1-800-426-7378 or click here. The Price guarantee will not be possible if you do not follow the points below:

  • It will be subject to a 30-day return policy in case you purchased online.
  • If you purchased from a store then it will have a 14 days return or refund policy.
  • A refund will be initiated only if the product is damaged or you were delivered the wrong product.
  • If a lower price match takes place for a similar product.
  • A software guarantee is not applicable to this process.

Lenovo Price Adjustment

Although the price match says that any customer is eligible to get a refund or exchange within 30 days from the date on the invoice; this is subject to conditions. You will only get a refund or exchange if you provide the invoice and return the product packed as you received.

However, the price match depends upon the time you bought your product. Price match and adjustment is not applicable to products purchased on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. One will not receive any adjustments if purchased from any other outlet other than lenovo.com. Lenovo Price Match and Adjustment does not apply to these conditions and they are subject to change as per the company’s suitability.


Can I Cancel my orders?

Lenovo can not guarantee cancellation or even editing of your order once you confirm your order. They will first review your eligibility for cancellation and then notify you about the same.

Does Lenovo offer free shipping?

Yes, they offer free shipping for your products.


Lower price refunds must be only when the products are identical to a Lenovo laptop or product. The maximum number of products applicable to the Price guarantee is up to 5 units per person or business annually.

Lenovo’s Price Match and Price Guarantee aims at providing maximum satisfaction to its customers. I hope we could help you with your queries. If you have a valid reason to claim for a refund, please go ahead but make sure you read the pricing and refund policy thoroughly.

If you still not satisfied with the information we have provided, comment below and let us know what we have missed.

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