Kohl’s Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy

Wanna know a secret on how you can save more money on shopping? Yes, you heard me right. Now Kohl’s offers Price Match and Price Adjustment facilities.

But don’t know anything about how to claim for the same? No worries as this article will ease your dilemma and explain to you for how you can make use of it.

So without further ado, let us find out exactly what this price match and price adjustment policy provides with.

Guide to Price Match at Kohl’s

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Kohl’s provides with both the facilities of price match and price adjustment. One can simply price match an identical item of purchase from Kohls to another competitive firm.

Also, it does provide with price adjustment for products that went on sale after your purchase. And hence you can claim a refund of the difference in amount.

But there are some specific guidelines for the same too. Like to verify and authenticate an item of purchase. So let us check out the various procedures or steps you need to follow to achieve the same.

Basic Measures of Price Match

Kohl’s basically captures the idea of price matching with its competitor firms in order to satisfy its customers, that’s you. A few rules to keep in mind while claiming for a price match are:

kohl's price match policy

  1. It only matches prices of identical items for competitor firms in-store prices.
  2. Also, price matching takes place for items available at kohls.com.
  3. Kohl’s does not match its prices with a competitor’s online price index.
  4. Stock availability acts as an important factor in the case of the price match.

Also, check out the similar Best Buy Price Match which provides 15 days to price match your products.

Method of Price Match at Kohl’s

The process of price matching requires a few important steps that you need to follow.

  1. In case you found a different price on Kohl’s online platform then you can apply for the price match.
  2. You need to present the electronic device advertisement that you saw, for e.g. sale advertisement on your mobile phone.
  3. Kohl’s will authenticate the advertisement by matching it via its own device.
  4. If you compare the price of the item with an in-store price of your competitor, then also you can apply for the price match of that item
  5. Give a copy of the advertisement you saw in the competitor store featuring the identical product.
  6. The ad must contain accurate sale price of the item you wish to price match.
  7. Present the bill of the purchased item done from the respective store or site.

Kohl’s confines the right to cross-check for reference at various Competitors’ store for assurance of price match.

Price Adjustment at Kohl’s

Price Adjustment usually deals with cases of price matching done for products that are on sale online. But you already purchase it from its outlet or stores, then in such events, you can easily claim for the amount difference available.

Your item must fall under this certain criterion, by which you can apply for the same.

  1. It depends if you bought the item in its original value or got a discount on a sale.
  2. Within a time period of 14 days if you find a sale on the identical product of purchase, then only you can practice the refund.
  3. You require to present the original receipt of the purchased item.
  4. After the verification process of your claim, Kohl’s will refund the difference amount of benefit.
  5. The quickest way to redeem your credit or get the difference refund is, return the online purchase to your nearby Kohl’s store or outlets.

Note: In case you bought an item online at kohls.com, but you find that the product is on sale at its official outlet or store. Then contact the Customer Care Services at (855) 564-5705 or hit to your nearest Kohl’s outlet.

The same factor applies to the items purchased from Kohl’s store. Just visit manually at the customer care center and present the bill or receipt of the product.

Take a look at Kohl’s competitor Macy’s Adjustment Policy, they also gave a similar price adjustment policy.


Kohl’s price match and price adjustment policy have some exceptions that you need to take care of.

Selected category of items is not eligible for redeeming of both the original price and its discount coupon. The items coming under the section of excluded merchandise normally does not stand eligible for price match or adjustment.

The products or items relating to the merchandise that does not count under Kohl’s matching policy will get rejected. To know more about which exactly are the merchandise, check on this link.

The items purchased on public holidays or days like Black Friday cannot include in the process of price match or price adjustment.

Hence these are some important factors necessary during the claim of a product via price match and price adjustment policy.

Gift Cards and Vouchers

In the case of gift cards and discount vouchers, the redeeming of the same does not count in the price match and price adjustment policy of Kohls.

Also, the Kohl’s Cares merchandise too does not come under the price matching policy.

You can earn both the above-mentioned Gift cards, vouchers, Kohl’s Cares products, etc. but you cannot redeem the same.

Note: To know more about the price match and price adjustment policy of Kohl’s, you can directly contact them at the above-mentioned contact number. Or visit them at your nearest Kohl’s outlet or store.


Does KOHL’s do price match?

It only matches the prices of identical items for competitor firms in-store prices.

KOHL’s provide prime adjustment policy?

It depends if you bought the item in its original value or got a discount on a sale.

In how much time KOHL’s allow price adjustment?

Within 14 days, it allows price adjustment and that too if you find a sale on the identical product of purchase.

Final Words

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Kohl’s price match and price adjustment policy aim at helping and satisfying you with their productive and available services.

Now, after knowing for how exactly this price match policy of Kohl’s works. I am pretty sure that you can use it to benefit yourself in saving your pockets from flowing out.

Hope that you can easily claim for the refund of the difference of the item you think falls under the above-mentioned factors. I also expect that this article worked out as helpful to you.

For further such encounters, you can now be prepared to claim for what is rightfully yours.

If still something related to this topic of price match and adjustment at Kohl’s bothers you, then you can paste it down in the comments section available below. I’ll try my level best to find the appropriate solution for your queries as soon as possible.

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