Know More About Nordstrom Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy

In what way this price match policy of Nordstrom beneficial? How can I use it claim for my refund? All these questions might bother you. So to ease your current situation here’s some information I dug up about the Nordstrom Price Match Policy.

Usually, price match itself means to compare the current price of an item amongst two competitive retailers or firms. This normally works when you find out that an identical product with two different prices is available at different stores.

Also, there’s one such similar pricing policy that deals with change in the price of an item. But must lie in a specific timeframe and belong to the same merchandise retailer.

Nordstrom Price Match Guide

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Nordstrom also provides with the facility of price matching and price adjustment as stated above. Its pricing policy provides distinct price match features so as to satisfy you and maintain their current customer base.

It also provides with the tool of price adjustment which commonly comes in picture in a special case. When you purchase a product but eventually find out that it went on sale within a specific time period of your purchase. Then that case leads to the procedure of price adjustment.

In such an event, you get the refund of the difference amount that occurred due to the sale. Hence Nordstrom also provides with both the means of price match and price adjustment.

In all to achieve what you desire, there’s a few steps or procedure you need to follow in order to claim for price match of your item. Let us check them out. Shall we?

The Criterion of Price Match

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Before leaping on directly to the procedure of price match, let me make you understand the basic criterion of price matching. Nordstrom price match policy contains a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  1. In the case of the price match, Nordstrom will only match its prices with its nationally based competitors. That is its US-based retailers or competitors.
  2. The item you like to claim must fulfill the color and size, and various other measuring dimensions of this policy.
  3. Finally, the most important factor stands for the stock availability of the desired item. Item price match and adjustment won’t take place if there is a lack in the stock of that particular product.

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Price Match Process at Nordstrom

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There’s a bit of a tiny process as I mentioned earlier that you got to follow in order to achieve the same.

  1. Provide with the proof of price difference available at a competitor retail store.
  2. You can claim for the price matching if the features of your item, i.e. size and color match with the competitor’s product.
  3. The price match will take place only for Nordstrom’s nationally based competitors.
  4. Also, the retailer you desire to price match Nordstrom’s product must be a part of the list of competitive retailers.

Nordstrom has complete rights to verify the information you provided regarding the item of the price match. The process of authenticating your request of price match takes place following this procedure.

Nordstrom Sale Adjustment Process

Price adjustment typically takes place when comparison of the price of an item done during a  specific time period validates. But only when no other competitor involves instead, the comparison takes place amongst the same merchandise.

In case of sale adjustment or generally known as a price adjustment, your request for the same must follow a few necessary steps. At Nordstrom, price adjustment only takes place when the price of an item remains reduced permanently.

Also, the item that you desire to claim the difference refund for must satisfy the materialistic dimensions or factors as in the color and size of the item. Hence, the factor of identicalness matters the most.

The final step that you need to consider accounts for the stock presence of that particular desired item.

For this process of price adjustment, you require to present the copy of your item bill or receipt so as to display a measure of proof of that item. And to relate the time frame of shipment date necessary, that counts for 14 days from the date of your purchase.

To know more about Nordstrom’s price match and adjustment in detail you can go to their official website or contact on 1.888.282.6060.

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In all this method of price match and adjustment, there stands out a few exceptions or factors that Nordstrom does not follow.

In case of price matching, Nordstrom won’t match its prices with competitor prices that include discount coupons or seasonal sale prices, flash sale, etc. The promotional rebates do not count in as qualified in the process of the price match.

While in the price adjustment procedure, one price refund per item is what takes place. No third party adjustment requests or appointments will count for this purpose. The seasonal sale or flash sale prices too do not count in the price adjustment of that particular product.

Exceptions on designer items and some particular brands might apply. Hence resulting in failure of price adjustment.

Also, price adjustment situations don not refund the shipping charges of the item you purchased. Pricing errors might also occur which could lead to cancellation rather than a refund.

Refund of gift coupons or vouchers related to the item purchased won’t carry out. Same is the case with shipping charges applicable on the item.


Does Nordstrom do price match?

Nordstrom will only match its prices with its nationally based competitors.

Nordstrom provide price adjustment?

Yes if the price will remain the same for 14 days from your purchase date.

Nordstorm will provide difference amount after the time frame of price adjustment?

According to the Nordstrom price match guarantee, you won’t get your difference amount after the time frame of the price adjustment.

End Report

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Want to conserve more money for further such experiences? Then this is the best time for you to take immediate action for the same. Nordstrom provides with one of the best services and products in the shopping sector. And so does it provides with the means to price match with its competitor firms.

Hope this article proves to be effective for such future encounters. Share this price match process to your friends and family, so that it may help them to save more on shopping. 

If you still got more queries on your mind then you can ask those by pouring it straight into the comment section available below. I will try my level best to find the solutions to your doubts as soon as possible. Thanking you for your patient reading.

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