Know About Best Buy Price Match & Adjustment Policy

Best Buy Price Match Policy is not that confusing. If you find so, you can read this article to know the easiest way to Price Match the product and Best Buy Adjustment Policy is mentioned here.

Best Buy Price Match Guarantee

Basically, Price Match policy means that you can claim for the partial refund. The refund which is the difference of the product you purchased from Best Buy and you find an identical product at a lower price. Best Buy Price Match Guarantee has mentioned guidelines to claim for your refund for this money-saving policy.

Best Buy Price Match Policy

Best Buy provides you 15 days after you purchase a product to price match. If you find any change in the price which is lower than the purchased product at the competitor’s store or online then you can request for Price Match.

You should consider the following points before price matching your products at Best Buy:

  • You can Price Match your in-store purchase with
  • Also, you can Price Match online purchases with Best Buy store.
  • You can price match for an item only once in a day at Best Buy store. Also, price match for an identical item is only available once.
  • Best Buy Price Match is not available for clearance, open-box, refurbished and used (pre-owned) products.
  • At the time of sale, Best Buy price matches all the local competitors including online as well as offline retailers.
  • Best Buy Price Matches with the following online retailers:,,,,, and
  •  If the warehouse club is a local competitor the price match can be done. Also, the product must be in stock in that warehouse while you want to price match the product.

Information About Specific Product

The Best Buy Price Match has given the criteria for some of the product separately. Learn about the product like Video games and Mobile Phones.

Gamer Club

There is a My Best Buy Gamers Club for the game lovers. Now, this club Unlocked members can get 20% off on the new video games. For Best Buy Price Match Guarantee policy the price for those members is taken into consideration for Price Match.


For example, the price of a game is $49.99, a My Best Buy Gamers Club get the game at $37.99 after discount. If you buy a game at $39.99 no price match will be done as it will be compared with $37.99. But if you get the game at $34.99 without an additional discount, so the price difference for this will be eligible for price match.

Same ways if the price drops at Best Buy then you will get a 20% discount and conditions to apply as well.

Mobile phones

You can claim for a partial refund for the mobile phone, Best Buy will verify the price history of your purchased phone. If you qualify you will get 2 options for Price match. Either you choose for a Best Buy Gift card for the difference between the price or you can choose to return the current product and buy the new with the reduced price. You will get a difference in price as a refund.

There is a limit of one price match per phone. Also, the calculation of the free offers and gifts, if received, will be taken into account.

Pickup Product

Lastly, talking about the products that you order from and pick up from any of the Best Buy stores. Now you order the identical product being sold at the lower price at the store when you pick your ordered product. Then Best Buy will automatically charge the lower price of that product. This Policy excludes employee discount purchases.

Process for Price Match

Best Buy Price Match Guarantee has some process to price match your product and you can claim for a partial refund. You can follow as below:

Best Buy Store

  1. When you purchase the product or in between return and exchange period, Price Match request can be made.
  2. Price match for the product purchased from can be processed via Online chat or on call.
  3. Give the proof about the lower price of the identical product and that is still available.
  4. After verifying your purchase details BestBuy the associate will agree for the Price Match.
  5. Provide Proof of Price: You can show the competitor’s current ad about the lower price. Best Buy will reverify your information.
  6. Make a request for Price Match to Best Buy and wait for your refund.
  7. Here shipping/delivery charges are excluded from the Price comparison.
  8. Lastly, for In-Stores purchases, you can Contact at the service desk, and claim for a refund by showing them the Original Receipt.


Exceptions basically mean that these particular products or the situation in which the product was purchased will never be eligible for Best Buy Price Match Guarantee.Exceptions

  • Products sold by a third party or marketplace cannot be considered for price match.
  • Best Buy Price Match is not allowed on Contract Mobile Phones sold by online retailers.
  • Contract Mobile phones sold by any online retailer.
  • Price Match is not possible for the product that you purchase under loyalty offers, to the membership holders. Also on government exchange store offers and discounts that are related to non-warehouse membership programs.
  • Best Buy Price match is not applicable to competitors offer sale which includes clearance sale items, Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday sale.
  • Transactions from Best Buy Education, Best Buy For Business and from a Best Buy Marketplace store on a competitor’s website.

Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy

You can get a partial refund on the products you purchased from Best Buy if its price reduces. Best Buy Adjustment Policy has set a limit for you to claim for a partial refund within 15 days if you spot any reductions in the price at Best Buy stores or

To Price adjust your product, visit the store and carry your receipt to get the lower price.

Price Adjustment for online purchases, you can call on 1-888-237-8289 and request for a partial refund.

There is always a scheduled delivery date for the product to be delivered at your door. But as per Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy at any time if the price drops of the product before it’s delivered to you at the scheduled date. Then the Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy states that you will get the refund of a full price of the difference with tax.

NOTE: Suppose you visit a store to buy some product but that product is not available at the same at the store. But you make the payment in advance. So that means you’ll have to wait a little longer to get the product.

Now if that same product you have been waiting for goes on sale on the store. But you already paid the full amount for it. Don’t worry that product still will be eligible for Price Adjustment as per Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy.


Do Best Buy Price Match With other companies?

Yes, Best Buy does price match with other companies.

Best Buy provide how much days to price match?

They provides 15 days after you purchase a product.

Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy?

They offer price adjustment policy, within 15 days from the date of purchase.


We hope now you have got all your answers and you will start the process of Price Match for the product. Information about Best Buy Price Match Guarantee is provided here so that you can claim your refund and save your money. Also, Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy is explained, now you can save the money on the same Store purchased product.

We have also tried giving you information about Price Match Policy for Staples and Walmart. If you have purchased the product from the same, you check out maybe you can be eligible for Price Match.

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