IKEA Price Match & Protection | Family Membership Benefits

You’re about to save $ on your furniture purchases from the IKEA Stores. IKEA provides a price protection policy to the customers. Read the following of how IKEA price match promises the family members.

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IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retail supply chain. Selling furniture from around 367 stores across 30* markets. Any personnel of the age 18 or more can join the IKEA family, absolutely free of charge. Want to join the family? Head over to this link and get connected with IKEA.

IKEA Price Protection Policy


Why settle with higher prices if you get price protection? Just sign-up to the IKEA Family program to have a lot of benefits for free. If the product price is discounted within 90 days of purchase using the family card, no regrets. Price adjustment is totally different from product returns and refunds. The user can get money back regardless the product is in used or not in price adjustment policy.

How to get benefits of the policy?

The price protection policy certainly helps customers save extra dollars for them. Here, IKEA offers a price match with its own products rather than other brands.

  • Firstly, join the IKEA Family (Loyalty Program)
  • While purchasing any product, use your family card.
  • Keep checking the price of the product you bought for the next 90 days.
  • Found out that the same product is on sale? Fetch your Receipt and card.
  • Start to the store, and present the family card(you used) and purchase receipt.
  • Finally, the store will match the price and give you the difference amount back.

What if I bought it online?

Don’t worry, the purchase got covered if you used the family card. Most importantly, you need to call 1-888-888-4532 for support related to 90-day price protection. Alternatively, just follow the in-store procedure explained above.

IKEA Family

It is the kind of a loyalty club for customers, who would like to make their home a better place to live. The family members also get benefited from the IKEA price match policy. ikea-family-cardMembers get a lot of benefits like a free coffee or tea to 90-day price protection.

  1. Head to this link – Click Here
  2. Enter your e-mail ID and signup.

Now, because you are a member of some special benefits like rewards, special discounts, price protection awaits you. Carry this card along with you while shopping.

IKEA Price Match Guarantee

Besides the 90-day price protection, IKEA also promises a price match guarantee to all the customers to be it members or not. Here, they mention that the product catalog on the website and store features the same price. The product catalog goes through a price match every month/quarter. A noteworthy point is IKEA reserves the right to change prices due to certain factors not under their direct control like VAT changes or any major currency fluctuation.

Does IKEA provide any price match guarantee with other stores?

Based on research, IKEA doesn’t match prices with any other furniture stores or brands rather they prefer to keep standard pricing for Online and In-store purchases at IKEA.


Although, there are certain benefits of IKEA’s 90-day protection policy people have to be self-aware. Some drawbacks I found should be mentioned here

  • IKEA doesn’t notify you about a price drop on the product you bought recently.
  • The policy doesn’t comply with non-member customers.
  • Buying online using family card tends to be a tough job when it comes to claiming the 90-day price protection policy.
  • Family members have to carry their membership cards along with them.


Does IKEA provide any price match policy?

IKEA does a price match with any other furniture store.

Do IKEA provide price adjustment?

Yes, Ikea provide price adjustment to their customers.

How much time limit they offer for price protection?

They provide 90 days price protection to their customers


Compiling all of the information above, IKEA stores across the globe guarantee you a price match with products. The website prices regularly sync with in-store rates. IKEA family members have a lot of benefits such as 90-day price protection and many more. But, summarising the fact that IKEA doesn’t provide a price match with other furniture brands is bitter truth to accept.

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