Guitar Center Price Match Guarantee Availing Best Deals At Purchase

Bought a new guitar at Guitar Center, but found a new price for that same identical product? No worries as Guitar Center provides you with the facility to price match for the authentic cases of price protection.

Wanna know in depth for how exactly this price match policy at Guitar Center performs? Then let us dive in together so as to understand in the same subject of interest.

Without further ado, here’s how you can save more on your purchase at Guitar Center.

Guide to Price Match at Guitar Center

Here’s a simple guide on how you can easily use this policy reforms to get the desired amount difference on a product.

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There are cases when you find that the item you bought from Guitar Center, is sold at a comparatively lower price at its competitor stores. And there are also such cases where the price of that same product of purchase gets a decline at their own merchandise. That is, the fall in price for the product stands witnessed at Guitar Center itself and not in some of its competitor stores.

In such cases also the price matching takes place for that particular product. But there behold certain conditions that one needs to satisfy for necessary authentication. Price match guarantee at Guitar Center only takes place under certain verification and satisfaction of mandatory rules.

Let us check for what exactly are these rules and conditions you need to follow so as to fulfill your aim of the price match.

Factors of Guitar Center Price Match Guarantee

Before leaping on directly to the procedure of price match, let me make you understand the basic criterion of price matching.

Price match policy

  1. The item you like to claim must fulfill the color and size, and various other measuring dimensions of this policy.
  2. Date of the purchase matters as only on that date the facility of price match avails.
  3. The final price exercised by the firm accounts for the payable amount by you after any discount coupons availed during the purchase.
  4. Finally, the most important factor stands for the stock availability of the desired item. Item price match guarantee and adjustment won’t take place if there is a lack in the stock of that particular product.

Price Match Process

In cases when you find a lower price for the product you bought within a time period of 45 days from Guitar Center. And now want a better price for that same product. Then you can actually fulfill your wish in a few easy steps.

  1. Bring in the retailer or competitor store advertisement via online media or hardcopy proof.
  2. You require to present the original receipt of purchase for verification of the product.
  3. In the case of online adjustment, you can directly apply for it via their official site mentioned earlier.
  4. Need to show the required documents for verification and authentication process of the item.
  5. After the authentication of our claim for a price match, you stand eligible for the desired refund of that particular product.

Note: All this procedure also stands in time of purchase too. In particular cases of online matching, the price comparison is inclusive of all the checkout prices too. For Internet requests, contact online here or call 1-866-498-7882.

Price Adjustment By Guitar Center

Guitar Center price match also includes the facility of price adjustment for the products purchased from its official websites.guitar center price adjustment

Price adjustment normally deals with such cases where an item you bought just recently goes on sale. And is now cheaper than before. Therefore, such refunds of the difference created, resulting in a price adjustment.

This case only works when the merchandise of a particular product is the same and no competitive retailer action involves. Hence this is how price adjustment works.

A few threads of information to keep in mind and you can claim your price difference.

  1. Check, if your product for claim satisfies the identicalness of the product in case of its brand and model info.
  2. The item will only consider matching if it’s bought from Guitar Center’s official webpage.
  3. Review for the availability in the stock of the particular product of purchase that you intend to price match.
  4. The time frame to apply for the same holds for up to 45 days max from the date of your purchase.


Usually, in such process of price matching, there stand a few exclusions that you have to keep in mind. So as to fulfill the desired agenda properly. Hence here are a few of the exceptions mentioned below.

guitar center price match exclusions

  1. An authorized advertisement of the related product for price match stands necessary for the process.
  2. The advertisement if not by any U.S based retailer or competitor to Guitar Center then, price match won’t take place.
  3. Also, items with low stock availability might opt out of the price match criteria.
  4. Merchandise or retailers who discontinued or stopped the sales of that particular product stand excluded too.
  5. In case of price adjustment, the policy of one item one price refund per customer notions importance and significance.
  6. No third-party must intervene for the claim of the price match of a particular product of purchase.
  7. Such cases of third-party inclusions in the procedure of price match would directly result in rejection of the price match process.
  8. Identical items available on special hour clearance or sale at competitor’s store or website does not count for the process of the price match or price adjustment.
  9.  Original ads and receipts stand validatory for the process of price match and price adjustment.
  10. No print outs or photocopies stand eligible as proof for the verification process.
  11. Pricing errors made by the competitors also do not count for that particular item’s price match.


Do Guitar Centre Provide Price Match?

Yes, they do provide a price match facility but you will have to look at the exceptions to understand it better.

Can I Sell My Guitar To Guitar Centre?

Yes, you can sell them but only after the inspection, it will be confirmed.

Final Words

Want to conserve more money for further such experiences? Then this is the best time for you to take immediate action for the same.

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Guitar Center has been providing us with the best deals and offers on their various products with really good quality. Also, they look out to satisfy their customers and hence provides with the facility to price match.

Hope this article proves to be effective for such future encounters. Share this price match process to your friends and family, so that it may help them to save more on shopping.

Finally bidding my farewell to you. If you think I might have left some information or you acquire with more queries concerning the same. You can pour your thoughts and questions in the comments section available below. Thanking you for your patient observation.

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