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Looking for GameStop Price Match Policy? You are reading the correct article. Here the detailed information about GameStop Price Match Policy and Price Adjustment policy is provided. You can read further to clear all the doubts that you have regarding this policy.

About GameStop Price Match Policy

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So talking about the GameStop Price Match Policy, GameStop doesn’t price match with other retailers at all. But Price adjustment is possible on the product purchased from provided the product isn’t purchased from the online exclusive sale.

Also, if you try to match the price of the new product with the pre-owned product price. In such a case, the GameStop Price Adjustment Policy will not allow you to claim for a partial refund. Still not clear? No worries, read the following example to get the policy clearly.

Sometimes you come across a product that is lower in price at stores than online. Because there is this special sale offer is provided for the customers In-stores that too only on some occasions. So by this, we conclude that the product purchased in-store when some special offers are given at that purchase price adjustment with the products purchased online is not possible.

Pricing Of The Product

Few of the points of the GameStop Pricing policy are

price match

  • The prices whichever you are in U.S. Dollars.
  • The price for some pre-orders may be estimated at first.
  • Store Pricing may vary from the online price.
  • You buy a product and if its price increases, you will be informed about it. And you will be given a choice to pay the difference or cancel the order.
  • In case, if the price decreases of a pre-order, that is, between the time you order the product and it gets delivered to you. You will automatically be charged at a lower price.

GameStop Pre-ordered Product

The pre-ordered product basically means that the product is not released yet. But if pre-order a product that means you ensure that whenever the product will be released. You will definitely receive it.

In this Pre-ordered product the date that is mentioned in a list is often the date of pick up of your product from the seller and ship it to you. In this process, the GameStop Price Adjustment Policy comes in. During this time of ordering and getting your product delivered if there are any variations in the price, either you’ll be discounted or charged more.

Shipping in 24 hrs (Available now)

As soon as you order the product and if it is available for immediate shipping. In this scenario, the order of yours will be processed within 24 hours, sometimes sooner than this.

The delivery time of your product will be determined by the shipping method that you select after your order is processed.

Backordered Product

The back ordered product basically means that these products are not in stock at the time you want to purchase. But GameStop has already placed an order to the supplier. The delivery time for this product is unpredictable.

After the GameStop receives the more product that is identical, your order and the payment will be processed after that. Again, the product delivery time at your place will be determined as per the shipping method you choose.

Out of stock

The product that you want to purchase from, but it is not available there. But the identical product is available at the store and it might happen that the same product will be available for ordering online soon in the future.

About Pre-Order Release Dates and the game publishers, go through some processes to ensure the accurate release dates at the site. If in any case, the publishers face the issue about anything it might happen that the release date will be changed.

The release date may get change more than once, Sometimes the date will be postponed and in some cases, it will be preponed.

The GameStop will ensure that you get to play new games daily and the dates do not get postpone for more time. You can contact an associate for gathering information regarding the release date of the game.


Does Gamestop price match?

GameStop doesn’t price match with other retailers at all.

Does GameStop price adjustment?

GameStop Price Adjustment Policy will not allow you to claim for a partial refund.


Hopefully, you have got all the answers about GameStop Price Match Policy and now you can start the process towards claiming the partial refund of yours. And save as much as you can. GameStop does not have the facility to price match the product with the other retailers.

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