British Airways Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for British Airways below. We encourage you to leave a
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When dealing with flight cancellations, British Airways abides by European Union regulations regarding compensation of its passengers. These regulations apply to all passengers on fights into any EU member state, unless passengers have been helped in the departure country. Passengers of British Airways flights cancelled to or from Israel may be compensated under the Israel Aviation Services Law.

When British Airways cancels a fight, passengers can choose another comparable flight to their final destination with the earliest available routing, or may choose to receive a refund. When cancellations or delays of more than five hours affect a connecting journey, British Airways must transport passengers who do not wish to continue back to their city of departure at the airline’s expense and issue a refund for the uncompleted portion of the journey.

To receive reimbursements, passengers who purchased their tickets through travel agents should send a refund request to them. Passengers who purchased through British Airways can visit the airline’s website and click Manage My Booking for refund options.

When British Airways flights are delayed or cancelled, passengers can expect refreshments and meals in proportion to their expected waiting time. Hotel accommodations may also be provided in some circumstances.

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