Asus Returns and Refunds

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General Warranty Overview

All brand new Asus products are now featured with a limited warranty covering all manufacturing, power, and hardware related problems. The benefits of the limited warranty aren’t included to any third party software or hardware.

The length of the warranty can differ from one product to the next, which is why each product comes associated with a serial number that can be used to contact headquarters and figure out all the information about the warranty. Finding out more information about the warranty can be done by checking out the warranty card that comes with the box. Each warranty card comes with all the information about the duration of the warranty.

The limited warranty does not cover: Replacing the original box, Upgrading the device or changing the model, refunds, credit line.

Hardware Limited Warranty Overview

Each Asus product comes with a list of applicable warranties that are suitable for its life span and expected problems. The hardware limited warranty covers All In One products, ChromeBox, Vivo PC, Displays, Graphics Cards, Motherboards, Desktops, Servers, Laptops, Tablets, Projectors, and Notebooks.

Refurbished Product Limited Warranty Overview

Asus products can be acquired brand new or refurbished depending on the need of the customer. The warranty terms for refurbished products are:

  • Complete Unit: 3 Month Limited Warranty
  • Battery: 3 Month Limited Warranty
  • AC Adapter: 3 Month Limited Warranty

All Asus refurbished products carry the limited warranty, although the duration changes from refurbished to new. The only parts of the bundle that don’t carry a limited warranty are the accessories.

The limited warranty can be used to repair or replace a defect product carrying a valid warranty through sending the damaged product back and receiving a new one. Each warranty card carries the information needed to replace or repair the product.

Exclusions From The Warranty

Asus will not admit a warranty if any of the following situations occur:

  • The serial number on the product is tampered with or has been altered in any way.
  • The original product has been tampered with or has been altered in any way.
  • The product has been worked on or repaired by a non authorized retailer.
  • Improper usage resulting in exterior or interior damage.
  • Signs of heavy wear and tear as if the device was damaged on purpose.

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