Amazon Price Match & Price Adjustment | How to get benefited?

We know you love shopping at Amazon, but here’s something more. You also often many times search for Amazon Price Match so save your money post-purchase. So let us check out whether Amazon offers a Price Match facility or not?

On this same road, we will also discover the possibility of Amazon Price Adjustment. And, if Amazon doesn’t provide a Price Match facility, then what could be other ways to save money.

Amazon Price Match Price Match

So, here’s our first question, Does Amazon Price Match? Hope you know the answer If you don’t keep on reading.
So, to make you clear with the answer, here we go.

Amazon stopped its Price Match and Price Adjustment policy in the year 2018. So as of now, they don’t offer Price Match or Price Protection service to its customers. But don’t worry, there are other tricks by which you can save money while purchasing at Amazon.Amazon Price Match

Amazon Pre-order Price Guarantee

Although Amazon does not offer Price Match, they have introduced a new facility. With this new facility, you get Amazon Price Guarantee on your pre-orders.

So to understand it better, that how can we get benefited from this facility offered by Amazon. Let us know more about this Price Guarantee.

What is Pre-order?Amazon Pre-order Price Guarantee

First of all, you should be aware of the term “Pre-order”, because if you don’t know what pre-order is, then you won’t be able to get benefit from it.

So basically, Pre-orders are items which are available for order before they have been launched in the market. You get the facility of pre-order so that you can order it even before it comes in the market.

By pre-ordering, you can assure yourself that you will get that product despite its high demand by the public.

Amazon provides Pre-order Price Guarantee on?Amazon Price Guarantee

Now let us know the products on which Amazon will provide you Pre-order Price Guarantee:

Physical Items

While pre-ordering your products from Amazon you also get the Guarantee. Remember that this facility is only offered on the products which have mentioned “Pre-order price guarantee” in the product description.

On this offer, you will have to pay the lowest selling price of that product. That means the lowest price of that product from the order date to its release date.

As an example, if you pre-ordered an iPhone from Amazon and its price reduced when it is launched. Then, you don’t have to pay the price which was at ordering the iPhone. You will pay the lower price which is the price of the iPhone at the time of launching.

Similarly, if the price increases at the time of the release of that product, then you don’t have to pat the higher price. You will only have to pay the lowest price which was at the time of ordering that Item.

Digital Content and Media

Amazon digital content preorder price guaranteeIf you pre-order Digital Media or content from Amazon, still you get the facility of Price Guarantee. Digital Content includes Software downloads, Amazon music, Kindle books, and Digital games.

Amazon Kindle Pre-order Price guarantee benefitsYou have to pay the lowest price on any of the Digital content which you pre-order from Amazon Price Guarantee is applicable on any Digital content pre-ordered from The lowest price is considered from the date you order to the release of that content.

How can you get Price Adjustment?

Now if you are wondering whether Amazon offers Price Adjustment or Price Protection facility. Then, let me tell you, there is nor Amazon Price Protection Policy. Once you purchase any product from them, then its all your for that amount (Unless you return it).Price Adjustment

But, to make your shopping experience better, you can use the Price Protection facility provided by some Credit Card companies.

If your Credit Card provides the facility of Price Protection, then you may get back the refund if the price for the item you purchased reduces at a certain time. The time limit depends upon the company of which have the Credit Card.


Does amazon do price match with other companies?

From 2018, the amazon has stopped doing price match.

Can I get a price adjustment on amazon?

You will get money back on your Amazon purchases if the price dropped within seven days

Does Amazon price match if price drops?

Well, Amazon will refund you the difference amount if you will ask within the right timeframe of price match guarantee.

To Sum

Finally, to sum up, we hope that you got benefitted from the Amazon Price Guarantee. Use this trick wisely to save your money on pre-order purchases.

Although Amazon does not Price Match as of now their prices are already less compared to other competitors. Share your opinions on whether Amazon should start providing a Price Match facility to its customers.

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