Stop Snoring

By: Urdes Marin     Topics: Snoring


Many people, usually men, have snoring problems, and for this reason they are not resting properly. Snoring causes health problems and makes your partner uncomfortable during sleeping. Thus, snoring can affect in some cases even our relationships.

Snoring is not good for health because it troubles breathing and you end up with heart problems . Follow a this method to get rid of snoring or just to make it less powerful :

1.Try to sleep on a body side, avoiding to sleep on your back.

2.Try to lose a few pounds : the heavier you are, the greater force it takes for you to inhale air. Losing weight will make you sleep much better at night.

3.Do not drink alcohol in the evening : alcohol worsens snoring because it relaxes the muscles and slows breathing .snor

4.Use a room humidifier : this will help you prevent your mouth and nostrils from drying, and it will make you stop snoring.

5.Even singing helps : researchers in the University of Exeter in England found outthat people snore less if they get to play 20 minutes a day for a few months. Singing helps strengthen respiratory muscles. Sing into the bathroom, kitchen, wherever you can and you like.

6.Get rid of cigarette. If you smoke It would be better if You be able to get rid of them.