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Over 30000 Free Online Courses and Video Tutorials

Here you can find 28 sites with free online courses in different fields.
Many years ago when no internet, courses were a business, now is a great advantage for you that you can study for free anywhere in the world. On these sites you can find over 30,000 free online courses and video tutorials .
You can learn free a lot of things from computer programming,business ,music,web design, mathematics ,arts, computer science , psychology ,physics,literature,development,leadership,health,communication skills, fitness,religious studies and more foreign languages and more others .


1.Princeton Open Courses-site of MBA Programmes;

free course online


2.Online courses at Cambridge - University of Cambridge--site of Continuing Education. Courses that offer you the opportunity to study at Cambridge.Courses throughout the year, on topics including ancient history, psychology, philosophy, literature, creative writing , science, religious studies and more.


3.Khan Academy - another important portal devoted to free online courses , organized by area of ​​interest. MORE Info

Khan Academy


4.Emagister-a site with free online courses about Humanities ,Interpersonal ,Skills Social ,Science, Performing, Arts , Science ,German,Spanish, Italian ,French,Arts and Crafts,Social Care,Business Administration ,Human Resources ,PC Applications Internet,Medicine ,Engineering and Manufacturing ,Project Management,International Business ,Communication Skills;



5.Stanford University ECorner: More than 3500 video and audio about leadership and entrepreneurship; MORE Info

Stanford University ECorner


6.Professional and Continuing Education - University of Washington- courses online of Arts ,Culture,Comunication,Computering&IT,Helth,Medicine,Law,Science,Biotechnology,Engineering and more others MORE Info



7.EDX -- the site provide a collection of lectures gathered from some of the most prestigious universities worldwide; MORE Info


8.Academic Earth - a collection of free online courses such as art , design , business , mathematics , more others. MORE Info.

Academic Earth

9.Udemy Online Courses - A large collection of free online courses available on topics such as business , technology, design , languages ​​, music and more. MORE Info


10.Learn Open University - With over 750 free online classes; MORE Info

Learn Open University

11.Entrepreneur - a site for businesses and entrepreneurs. MORE Info


12.Oxford Learning Lab - Another large collection of free online courses offered this time by those at Oxford. MORE Info Oxford Learning Lab


13.Brain Structure and its Origins -see here iTunes – Web – free courses on Biology


14.Live Mocha - a site for learning other languages. Live Mocha includ a lot of sites already prezented and offer online courses in more than 35 different languages; MORE Info

Live Mocha


15.BBC Learn Italian - Learn Italian in the series of courses developed by the BBC . Are for beginners and intermediate level; MORE Info

BBC Learn Italian


16.Duolingo - one of the most well-established sites that offer free online courses for learning a language without a teacher . You will find here online English courses for beginners or advanced courses where you can learn German online ; MORE Info


17.TED Talks - a big site with speeches on topics such as development, motivation , leadership , technology and business. MORE Info

TED Talks

18.Open Yale Courses - The Yale University have made available a number of free online courses on various topics; MORE Info

Open Yale Courses


19.No Excuse Listt - A directory of sites that offer free courses online:Art, Academics, Cooking, Ebooks , Muzic, Languages, Programming Computer Programming ; MORE Info

No Excuse List

20.HTML5 Rocks - a collection of classes and online resources about programming in HTML5;

HTML5 Rocks


21.Alison - the site offers a comprehensive collection of online courses and tutorials: Anatomy,Enterprise,Accounting,Banking,Career Development,Computer Basics,Economics,Finance,French,Health and Fitness and more others ; MORE Info


22.Coursiera: Here are over 450 articles available, from how to write in English to more others ,cousese in portughese,Spanish,Italian and more ; MORE Info


23.Sophia - A project with many free online courses and tutorial in many areas ; MORE Info

Online Courses & Tutorials - Sophia Learning 2013-11-01 13-55-12

24.Mozilla Developer Network - Free online courses for HTML , CSS , Javascript , Design, etc; MORE Info

Mozilla Developer Network 2013-11-01 13-57-04

25.Codecademy -courses contain coding in Ruby , Python , JavaScript , jQuery , PHP ;

Learn to code - Codecademy 2013-11-01 13-59-49

26.Draw Space - learn to drawing through more than 220 online classes that can be downloaded to your computer; MORE Info

Drawspace- Now everyone can draw 2013-11-01 14-02-55


27.Massachusetts Institute of Technology Video - The folks at MIT have made available more than 14,000 material and free video tutorials from various fields. View the collection at MIT OpenCourseWare courses; MORE Info Home - MIT Video 2013-11-01 14-06-02


28.Udacity : . Look here - Free online courses in areas such as business , mathematics , computer science , psychology or physics; MORE Info



29.Google Books - Google Books project is a series of books available for free in digitized format. MORE Info Google




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